Who is on your side?

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Construction is straightforward, so why does the building costs keep changing? When you don’t step back and see the bigger picture it can often feel like its one problem after another. Sometimes the cards are stacked against you, but once you are in, things can quickly unravel. 

Is this you?

I can project manage the builder and deal with the compliance issues.

Building contracts are all the same. I understand them.

If I go to multiple builders, I can get the most competitive price.

A few years ago a client came to me with a horror story. A builder had told them it would be much faster to build the concrete slab before the concrete wall. It was a relatively harmless idea and the client agreed. Building the slab first wasn’t standard practice and exposed the finished floor to damage from the construction equipment. How was the client to know? Not only did the client not get any extra time benefits, but they also had to pay to fix the floor.

Project Manager / Superintendent

Having a superintendent managing the construction process, acting as its quality control officer is the best way to make sure you are not being ripped off. A superintendent is the glue between everyone involved, from clients to subcontractors. As an experienced superintend I like to think we are the captain of a ship, steering your project to success by making decisions, solving problems, and keeping everything running smoothly.

A good superintendent will deliver the project on time, within budget, and achieve the quality aspirations of the project.

Was it too late?

After looking though, the clients paperwork there was very little I could do to help solve the problem. I explained to the client the contract was reasonably clear. The client had agreed to the changes and so was responsible for making sure they understood the implications of the changes. The end result was the client could either pay to fix the slab or end up with patches throughout the floor.  

Once you commit to a contract and construction starts, the builder will bombard you with questions, clarifications and changes. Its always important to remember that builders build, but where there is a gap in the decision making and documentation they will look to offload responsibility. Its important to be able to step back and see the bigger picture of the project.

How good are we?

We recently reflected on the projects we’ve handled over the past five years. As a one-stop shop for architecture and project management, the results are crystal clear: we’re really good at what we do. Time after time, we’ve helped our clients save money, time, and stress.

Every single one of our projects has come under budget.

Value of A superintendent

When contemplating whether to engage our services, it’s crucial to consider the potential personal frustrations you may encounter. Our clients have consistently expressed satisfaction and confident that their projects are well-cared for in our hands.

The statistics speak for themselves. The most secure method to safeguard your project and ensure you’re not being taken advantage of is by enlisting the services of a superintendent.